McFly is a specifically structured production service to guarantee unsurpassed return on investment in the creation of world-class commercials and content. We’re all about you having best experience possible and walking away with something we’re all proud of. And we have the track record to prove it.  From over 25 years of film production experience Jonathan Nyquist created McFly to thrive in todays evolving TVC and content environment. However it best serves the ad agency and the brand, McFly has the financial flexibility, the perfect client services and the right people to exceed their requirements. McFly is Sydney based with a waterfront office and post suite offering full-service production, facilitation, joint venture, or Jonathan Nyquist as an independent director, or client-direct.
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Jonathan Nyquist or ‘Jono’ was loading 35mm film at 15, running the camera department by 19, shooting documentaries by 21, directing commercials by 25.
He’s easy going, yet super-experienced in every aspect of film making capturing emotively charged cinematic moments that tell a great story in a very short amount of time.
He understands the client pressures and how the industry is evolving, focussing on an open-book approach of collaboration and communication with no middle-men and the flexibility to do what needs to be done.



“Jono is a genuine talent and a genuinely good bloke whom I’ve worked with on several extremely challenging, large scale productions. He absolutely thrives in high pressure situations, bringing a calm to his set, all while bringing an seemingly effortless and stunning story to every frame. Honestly, you couldn’t feel more secure in having Jono at the helm of your production.”
Andy Dilallo
Cheif Creative Officer

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jonathan Nyquist for the last 14 years and over that time have forged both a strong professional and personal friendship with him. He is the director I’ve turned to more than any other in my career and he’s repeatedly delivered exceptional results for the client’s I represent. From the likes of McDonald’s to various charities, to Australia’s biggest-selling newspaper, to Mitsubishi Motors, working with ‘Jono’ has always been a rewarding experience. His passion, humility, humour and can-do attitude along with his genuine empathy and rapport with crew, talent and agency and client make him a true leader on any job. Jono has an intimate knowledge of story-telling and the film-making process. From the inspiration and detail he provides in pre-production, to the energy he brings to set, through to the care and craft he shows in post-production, Jono gives everyone around him complete confidence at all times. Whether it be an authentic drama piece; a precisely-choreographed action film or something in between; Jonathan Nyquist and McFly Films will deliver you a highly emotive, world-class product – on time and on budget. If that sounds like what you’re after, I encourage you to look no further.
Adam Rose
Executive Creative Director
Founding Partner
Richards Rose


“Jono is one of the most dedicated, professional and accomplished directors that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He always brings a beautiful vision to every project. He is incredibly passionate, make no mistake, but he also has no ego so he is a pleasure to work with. Even better, he understands how to put clients at ease whilst getting the end result we always look for. I’m a big fan.” 
Matt Eastwood,
Global Chief Creative Officer
McCann Health


“I once heard Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu describe a 30 second ad as “a drop of water containing an ocean”. This is what I feel Jonathan Nyquist captures in his work. We have entrusted our last three scripts to his highly-skilled hands and every time he has turned our “words on a page” into a magnificent reality. From an emotionally nuanced piece for RSL (Returned Services League) using an all-veteran cast of non-actors; to shooting World Champion surfer Mick Fanning walking, talking and surfing; to pulling off an epic tourism campaign shot during a once-in-fifty-year weather event. There is no-one better to have as your director and collaborator. Jono brings heart and beauty to every script. His genuine warmth and his film-making talent puts everyone at ease – his actors, crew, agency team and client. If you ever get the chance to work with him, jump at it. We can’t wait for our next project together.”
Nancy Hartley & James Burchill
Founders / Creative Partners

We’re a small, independent agency, so we need absolute trust in our production partners. We absolutely trust Jono. We work with him regularly because we’ve found there’s nothing he can’t do. He can do comedy, he can do subtlety, he can do 1,000 berserk Domino’s delivery riders charging into battle, and everything in-between. And being independent is one of Jono’s great strengths. He owns every script we give him, even the bad ones (which he turns into good ones). There are no excuses with Jono – because when you’re that good – you don’t need ‘em.
Ryan Fallowfield
Executive Creative Director

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